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Transportation Operations and Customer Support

OC.jpg​​​​​​​​​​​From route-planning to customer service, the transportation team ties it all together. Join us, and see where a railroad career can take you.​​

Working with a number of teams across our network, Crew Dispatchers, Rail Traffic Controllers (RTCs) and Transportation Service Representatives manage and coordinate the movement of our customers' goods.

These entry-level positions can lead to endless career opportunities with us. 

Crew Dispatcher

Crew Dispatchers assign shifts to Locomotive Engineers, Conductors and other unionized positions.

Your duties

  • ​Interpret and apply rules from running trades collective agreements.
  • Monitor mandatory and maximum time on duty and rest rules.
  • Enter data into computer applications such as Crew Management Application (CMA), Nexus, Auto Crew Caller, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Make business decisions based on the priorities established by the Operations Centre (OC).
  • Maintain CMA records.

Rail Traffic Controller (RTC)

RTCs control the safe movement of trains in an assigned territory by issuing instructions to train crews.

Your duties

  • Make business decisions based on priorities established by the Operations Centre (OC) that are within strict operating and safety rules.
  • Ensure the safe movement of trains and other on-track railway equipment by enforcing controls on the flow of traffic.
  • Minimize train delays through planning and scheduling.
  • Coordinate train meets.
  • Enter data into various information and control systems.
  • Maintain awareness of the railway's operation: equipment and signals, car handling, operating manuals, computer applications, and collective agreements.
  • Assist in solving problems in assigned territories.
  • Provide communication on the status of the railroad.
  • Manage crews from their home and away from home terminals.


    Once you're hired as a Rail Traffic Controller, you will need to complete a company training program and become qualified in the Canadian Rail Operating Rules and other regulations. 

    Transportation Service Representative (TSR)

    TSRs provide information to customers to support the delivery of goods.

    Your duties

    Work with Accounts Receivable Services, Billing Services, Production Operations, Border Services, Supplemental Services/Demurrage, and Freight Claims to provide customers with information to support the delivery of transportation services.​​

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